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Endless to-do lists?

Do you ever feel stuck in a hamster wheel and have lived the same day repeatedly for the last 10 years?

It’s probably because of procrastination and reactive living. You do what life demands of you but don’t passionately create your own destiny.

The biggest mistake is to work only on the comfortable or urgent things. Instead, you should check if your activities develop your skills, bring value to your customers, bring money to you, and are ethical, sustainable, and impactful.

Smart prioritization with “1st things 1st” is the key to ending the chaos

With “1st things 1st,” you can optimally set priorities for your weekly tasks in four simple steps.

No headaches. No struggling. No devastating Excel sheets. Just follow a simple routine that you can practice every Friday (or Sunday) to make life easier for you and your team.

Become much more confident, clear-minded, and forward-thinking when choosing what to do next with your business.

Make your work decisions rationally, but as intuitively as giving movie ratings

“1st things 1st” helps you set priorities for your tasks rationally but at ease.

There are 4 steps to go through:

  • defining criteria,
  • listing out the things you are choosing from,
  • evaluating things by criteria, and
  • exploring the prioritized results.

“1st things 1st” uses the Scorecard technique to let you evaluate tasks from different perspectives

Behind the scenes, there is some math involved. “1st things 1st” uses the Scorecard technique.

But no worries, you won’t need any Excel sheets.

You will use the intuitive web app and leave the formulas to the computers.

It’s not for everyone, but those who get the idea, understand how useful it is

"I really like 1st things 1st! It’s so convenient to have a tool that can prioritize the tasks for me. I simply love the fact that I can define various criteria according to my goals and needs."

Mihai Trofin, Web Developer

Join 550 people setting priorities in their lives and work with “1st things 1st”. There is a link at the bottom of this page.

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Step 1. Define Criteria

Choose the criteria for the best activities. Your criteria should be positively stated, measurable, and answer the questions "how likely?" or "is it?".

Step 2. List out Tasks

What are you going to prioritize? List your tasks here.

Step 3. Evaluate Tasks

Now you've got a combined view. Look at your tasks from different perspectives: rank all your tasks by each criterion.

Step 4. Explore Priorities

Explore your prioritization results: see the tasks that you should choose for sure, the ones that you should consider, and the ones to skip.

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